Day in the life of Troop 334: Typical Meeting

While people arrive, Scouts may participate in unstructured gathering games. These games
normally take the form of tag, capture the flag, a snow ball fight or just talk and socialization.

Each meeting starts with a formal flag ceremony and the recitation of the Scout Oath or
Scout Law. Next the Senior Patrol Leader reviews recent events, announces upcoming
events and explains the agenda for the meeting.

After the announcements, the planned program starts. Each week, a scout or leader is
responsible for some type of program. This could take the form of first aide, knots or some
other educational activity. Programs are organized around monthly themes chosen and
planned by the Boy Scout leaders.

Next the Scouts will separate into their patrols to practice a new skill, or get organized for an
upcoming event. If time permits, the Scouts play an indoor game which may test their
scouting skills or patrol teamwork. Each meeting ends with a formal flag retiring ceremony.

The Troop does not have regular meetings during the summer, but normally has two week
long special events, outside the Rochester area.
Background information: Boy Scouting vs. Cub Scouting
Cub Scouts is an adult planned, familycentered program. The Boy Scout program is boy
planned and boy-centered. Most activities do NOT lend themselves to family participation
because the boys function as patrol groups under their own elected boy leadership. In
Cub Scouts, adults conduct all Cub Scout advancements. In Boys Scouts each boy is
responsible for his own advancement with the help of counselors.
The Boy Scouts of America has the most rigorous program of youth protection in the USA.
It is now touted as a "model" for the country. A leader cannot remain a leader of
anyScouting unit without up-to-date youth protection training.
The major points of this training are:

1. All leaders are specifically bound to report any
suspected instance of child abuse directly to the police.
2. "Two deep leadership" is a requirement. No leader may
be alone with a Scout -- two leaders must always be
3. All adult leaders must submit to a criminal background
investigation BEFORE they are allowed to interface with
our youth.
This BSA policy is found on the internet by clicking here. We pledge to follow this policy.

If you have any doubt about the veracity of the BSA youth protection commitment, please
consider taking the training YOURSELF. It is available online by clicking here. Go there,
create an account and take the training. It takes about 30 to 45 minutes to complete. After
completing it, judge it for yourself. If you are already a parent of a Scout, we urge you to
take this training.

We, the adult leadership of Troop 334, pledge to continue with the program of building
America's next generation of leaders. Your TRUST is our sacred duty.
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