Troop 334
Rush, New York
The Patrol Leader is the elected leader of his patrol
* Represents his patrol on the Patrol Leaders’ Council.
* Reports to: Senior Patrol Leader
* Represents the patrol on the Patrol Leaders’ Council
* Plans and steers patrol meetings
* Helps Scouts advance
* Acts as the chief recruiter of new Scouts
* Keeps patrol members informed
* Knows what his patrol members and other leaders can do
* Sets a good example, wears the uniform correctly, lives the Scout Oath and Law
* Shows Scout spirit.
* The Patrol Leader is always prepared to speak in front of Scouts: earn Communications
OR Public Speaking merit badge
* The Patrol Leader looks out for the general safety of his patrol and other Scouts in
* Earns one of the following merit badges that the Scout does not presently have:
Emergency Preparedness, First Aid, Fire Safety or Safety
* Patrol Leader distributes patrol calls to his members via email or telephone
The Senior Patrol Leader is the youth “commander” of the troop. All other youth positions
report to him, directly or indirectly. He is elected by the troop's youth members and serves
a 6- or 12-month term.
Reports to: The Scoutmaster
* Appoints other troop junior leaders with the advice and counsel of the Scoutmaster
* Assists the Scoutmaster with junior leader training
* Assigns duties and responsibilities to junior leaders and assures that they are carried out
* Always sets a good example for the other Scouts
* Correctly wears the Scout uniform (exceeding the Troop requirements)
* Lives by the Scout Oath and Law
* Shows Scout “spirit”
Assistant Patrol Leader
The Assistant Patrol Leader leads the patrol in the Patrol Leader's absence
Reports to: Patrol Leader
* Helps the Patrol Leader plan and steer patrol meetings and activities
* Helps him keep patrol members informed
* Helps the patrol get ready for all Troop activities
* Represents his patrol at Patrol Leaders’ Council meetings when the Patrol Leader
cannot attend
* An Assistant Patrol Leader is always prepared to speak in front of Scouts
* May earn the Communications OR Public Speaking merit badge, if required
* An Assistant Patrol Leader shall distribute patrol calls to his patrol members via email
or* telephone
The Scribe keeps the Troop records. He records the activities of the Patrol Leaders’
Council and keeps a record of dues, advancement, and Scout attendance at Troop
Reports to: The Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
* Attends and keeps a log of Patrol Leaders’ Council meetings
* Records individual Scout attendance and dues payments
* Records individual Scout advancement progress
* Works with the Troop committee member responsible for records and finance
* Sets a good example, enthusiastically and correctly wears the Scout uniform, lives by
the Scout Oath and Law, and shows Scout spirit
* The Scribe provides a verbal overview of the content of each meeting and related
Troop information during the opening portion of a Troop meeting
* The Scribe assists the Asst. Scoutmasters with creation of a centralized mail center in
our meeting room
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