Boy's Life

Merit badges were created to encourage
Boy Scouts to explore subjects of
interest to them and to learn valuable

Merit badges are earned by satisfying
certain specific requirements and can be
earned at any point in a Scout's career.
The respective requirements are found
by following links located on this page.
Certain badges are mandatory in order
to attain higher Scouting ranks (Star,
Life Scout and Eagle). As of 2005,
Scouts must earn a total of 21 merit
badges in order to attain the Eagle Scout
rank. Twelve of the merit badges must
come from the “mandatory list”. When a
Scout attains the Eagle rank, he can
then earn “Eagle Palms”. He does so by
earning more merit badges.

Twice each year, a formal “Court of
Honor” is held, at Troop 334, where the
Scout is presented with the medit
badges that he has earned.
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As Scouting's founder, Sir Robert Baden-Powel believed: Scouting is a
"game with a purpose". The "game" is in everything Scoutinlg offers. it
starts with the outdoor activities, the rank/merit badge advancement, the
"patrol" method and leadership development. Its "purpose: is to develop
young men into leaders with strong character, good citizenship, with
physical and mental fitness.
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